My Own World
by Barry Dismorr

Here I am in the dark
With the cold and the lonely
There is no comfort for us
Though we know of each other
It helps us not.

Each has his own reason of being here
No-one tells the other for it be secret
No-one asks the other for they accept it.
We stay in our own separate corners.
Cold and alone.

Sorrow is the air we breathe
Pain and suffering deep inside
Is all that we receive.
All that we do require.
For we are cold and alone.

And these gifts that we do receive
Is our only way of knowing
That we are still alive
In this realm of nothingness
Where all is cold and we are alone.

We cannot escape from here.
We are here for we have given up hope.
You hear the occasional angstful cry
At the blood-red moon.
From those who are cold and alone.

Here we are
And here we will stay
Forever cold
And forever alone
Here deep in our own hearts....
Which is that cold and lonely world