Poetry Corner

These are all poems written by me over the last few years.


I am

This is a poem about getting love mixed up with lust.

Shadow and Fear
This is a poem about feeling lost and alone.

The End
A poem about the end of a long-term relationship.

This is a collection of poetry written by other people. Some of it is written by friends of mine, while others I don't know who wrote them. All authors are given their credit and the poems with author unknown are listed as being by "Anonymous".
I take no credit for any of the following works and all copyrights etc. remain the sole property of their authors.

Confusion Reigns

A fairly accurate description of human behaviour.

My Days of Glory
This is a poem about lost chances.

My Own World
A poem about feeling alone in the world

What paradise is for one person.

Quotes from various people.

The pain of being rejected

Starlit Night
This is a poem about lost love.

Tears and Nails
A poem about love being cast off.

The Calm Before the Storm
A poem about the peace of the moment

The Class Ring
This is a poem about drink driving.

The memory of love

Wishes of a Lover
A poem about a love that never happened.

The tragedy of blind love

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