By Tanya Cabral

What is this power you have over me?
You're weaving a spell, I cannot break free.
One whispered word, One gentle touch;
A pull so strong, it seems too much.

You look in my eyes, what you see, I don't know
Still, I burn with desire, I want to let go.
Of what I believe in, to answer your call
Responding to whispers that tug at my all.

I trust you completely, but something inside
Makes me unsure and hesitant, to come and abide.
Yet still you beckon, and tell me to "Come"
Stirring feelings inside me, where I thought there were none.

No spell could bind me, and then I met you
Your words are so strong, their ring is so true.
The power you weave, I cannot resist
Nor do I want to, it will always exist.

From every fibre in my being
To the deepest core of my soul.
Whisperings of forever
Always vigilant, always whole.