The End
By Tanya Cabral

With an angry cry
and a slam of the phone
I shut a door
on almost five years of my life.

Yet I feel no emotion
No sadness or remorse
nor gladness or relief
Not even the sense
of a job done at last.

It's almost as if
what has just occurred
Never really meant that much
to me in the first place.

But I know that's not true
for the last five years
Have meant a rather lot to me
Through vague and faded memories
I remember what was once there.

A walk through The Rocks
was a day to remember
A day of shared love and laughter.

Watching a glass blower
working his craft
A pair of glass dolphins,
A reminder of the day.

Now that dolphin, twin to the other
sits on a dresser in my room
Collecting dust among other trinkets
that suddenly seem to mean a lot more.

Trips to the Easter Show
and a tale of a dragon
That frequently lost its head.

A similar dragon, owned by me
was to have been a gift in memory of those days
Now it lies in a rubbish bin
the gesture trashed along with it.

Times of happiness and love
pure joy of being together
Those memories shattered at being told
he doesn't believe I ever felt that way.

The next morning
I seem to feel
A little remorseful.

But I think it might be the loss of
the familiarity and the friend
Rather than the loss of
the relationship and the lover.

In recent times being all but told outright
that I'm not good enough
Being called cold, dispassionate and a liar
When I know I'm not.

An irreversible decision
that when I sit and think about it
I'm not too terribly upset
Then again, I'm not exactly happy either.

Things will never be the same
between he and I
But I'll always remember
With love and fondness
What we shared
And the love we once had.