ZEUS: Master of Olympus
POSEIDON: Official Zeus Expansion

Welcome to my little piece of Ancient Greek world.

Here you'll find a help file that I've written with various useful bits of information. There's no walkthroughs though. I'm not patient enough to write one :).

You'll also find a few downloads, including the Adventure Editor for Zeus and the latest adventure for Poseidon. These, as well as patches for both games can be found on the downloads page of The Official Zeus Website. (This link will take you directly to the downloads page).

Zeus Adventure Editor
Poseidon Adventure Rich Man's Blues

Eventually, I'll add some of my own adventures, but I'm still getting used to creating them. :)

Finally, below you'll find some links to other Zeus and Poseidon websites. Some of them are pretty incredible and packed with useful info, including walkthroughs and suggested city layouts. I'll add to the list as I find more sites that are worth visiting.

Reccomended Sites

The Official Zeus Website
The Official Impressions site for Zeus: Master of Olympus

The Official Poseidon Website
The Official Impressions site for Poseidon: Zeus Official Expansion

Zeus Heaven
A comprehensive site for both Zeus and Poseidon. Full of walkthroughs and general advice.
You can also find lots of fan-created adventures here.

The Citadel of Poseidon
The best site I've found for Poseidon. No walkthroughs, but lots of city layouts and clear information on each aspect of the game.
If Prima Games ever gets around to creating a Strategy Guide for Poseidon, they can use this site for a lot of their information!

The Foundry
Originally a site just for Zeus, you can now find information on Poseidon as well.
Not as many downloads or layouts as other sites, but definitely packed with information.
Covers everything from the Basics to individual areas like Trade and Economics.

Another Poseidon only page.
Has some very interesting city layout designs that work great on some of Poseidon's more akward maps.
Screen-shots from the actual game make it a little slow to load, but they are great for showing layouts.
Screen-shots accompany an easy-to-follow walkthrough/suggestion guide. Great if you're starting to get a bit lost.

Last Updated 26 January 2002